Gourmet to Go & Catered Affairs 

105 W. St. George St. , Southport NC 28461

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QUESTION: What is a Special Appreciation Event
ANSWER: One to two times per month, we off SPECIAL PRICES on our Soups, Salads, Desserts & Meals to Go.  We typically offer

QUESTION: What is the date / time of the next event?
ANSWER: We don't publish the date until we know - typically announced the same day of the event. Look for the email notification.  The time of the event also changes to give everyone a chance to participate.

QUESTION:  How can you offer this special deal (BUY ONE GET ONE FOR $1.00) given the rising prices of food and preparation effort?
ANSWER: There are two reasons. The first is…We do a lot of catering. In order to buy food at competitive prices we have to buy large quantities.  When we cater – we prepare everything from scratch – and sometimes over-prepare what we need.  These extra ingredients go into prepared MEALS TO GO in our GRAB N GO case.  The second reason is….We sometimes have to close our doors during the weekday or weekends in order to support demanding catering events.  In these cases we have to purge our refrigerators to prepare for more ingredients – so you the consume benefits from these type of business changes.

QUESTION: Why is it CASH ONLY for these special events?
ANSWER: We are offering very special pricing. You can buy two complete balanced meals for less than $9.00.  We prefer not to incur credit card changes while offering such a great deal.  Please help us keep our prices from rising – and pay in CASH and avoid credit card changes.

QUESTION: Can I call ahead and find out what types of soups, salads, desserts and meals will be in the case ahead of time?  Can I reserve some so when I get there I can take advantage of the sale.
ANSWER: Please no calls ahead to find out details on what is available.  We typically have between 5 and 10 different soups, 3 – 5 different prepared cold salads, 3 – 5 different desserts and sometimes as many as 70 – 100 balanced meals prepared.  If we spend less time on the phone answering these questions – we can stay in the kitchen and keep preparing more for you!  THERE IS NO RESERVING ITEMS – it is first come first serve.   No early birds.  Type your paragraph here.