1. What is the cost of a meal? All entrees are $9.95 for a Single and  $18.95 for a Double.  Each includes one side.  

2. How big is a meal? A Single will feed one person and a Double will feed up to two people. 

3. Is everything on the blackboard available? Yes.

4. Do I need to call and order ahead? No.  However, if you want to guarantee yourself a certain entree you should order ahead of time.  If you don't call ahead, the wait will be 7 - 10 min for us to compile your order.  You can ask for your meals "HOT" ready to service or "COLD" for reheat.  Our containers are microwave safe and we prefer meals are not reheated more than needed. We provide REHEAT INSTRUCTIONS.  Most meals can be reheated in the microwave. Some may be better served after reheating in the over.

5. If I don't call and order ahead, how long does it take to make the meals?  7 - 10 minutes

6. Can I add extra sides to my order? Yes. All of our sides can be purchased separately.

7. Do you ever run out of some of the items during the day? Sometimes we do - we don't want to disappoint our customers - so call ahead and reserve your entrees.

8. Why do some entrees and sides repeat themselves? Due to popular demand - we sometimes offer the same items weekly or monthly.  We listen to our Customers!

9. Do you offer Gluten Free or Low Sodium meals? Yes. Please call and discuss your dietary needs and let us plan a menu for you.

10. What do you do with meals prepared that are left over? If we have left overs, we offer quick grab and go meals the following day at a reduced cost. 

11. What else do you offer other than the daily specials? Salads - Cold Salads: Chicken Salad, Potato Salad, Tortellini Salad, Coleslaw, Soups, Desserts, Sauces & More!

12. I don't see something I am craving - how can you help me? Yes...We love a challenge. Both owners / cooks have years of experience cooking and baking.

Gluten Free Wraps Available! 


Gourmet to Go & Catered Affairs 

105 W. St. George St. , Southport NC 28461

​PHONE:  910.505.9336              910.477.1082

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